Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how OryonIQ is disrupting the GovCon industry with market intelligence.


What is OryonIQ?

OryonIQ is disrupting the market intelligence industry by visualizing government opportunities and mapping it to social data. Our mission is to make social data actionable, measurable, and trackable. The insights produced from OryonIQ lead to higher win rates, increased target insights and competitor intelligence.


What makes OryonIQ unique?

What makes OryonIQ unique is that it allows your company an opportunity to make defensive moves based on offensive insights. What if you had your competitors playbook what connections would those insights do for your business?

What if you had the ability to leverage your linkedin profile to map connections to decision makes right inside of the OryonIQ platform.

Well now you have the ability to create micro connections or as we call them “constellations” that lead to increased win rates. Because of our data driven connection model, People added to your “constellation” escalates the know, like, trust factor resulting in increased pipeline velocity.


Will I be able to connect with Prime Contractors?

Yes. Within the "constellation" / community engagement module we allow users to engage with one another. We encourage users to connect within the platform and nurture connections.


What if I am new to Government contracting? Can I use OryonIQ?

Absolutely. Whether you are new to government contracting or a seasoned veteran you are able to connect with your peers using our "constellation" community as well as register for local networking opportunities and even view resources that can help distinguish your company from your competition.


Are you curious about the networking events near you? Together we can expand your network and watch your pipeline exponentially grow.